Tasker is a new web-based system for UAV Mission, Asset, and Personnel Management designed to reduce the complexities associated with UAV use in the aerospace industry. This software is fully customizable, and permission controlled to ensure full security of information while still being easy to implement and use for any company.

Tasker is designed to save time and effort by automating processes, from allowing for mission managers to easily see which personnel and equipment are qualified and available to be scheduled for missions, to automatically tracking hours on equipment and alerting maintenance managers when necessary.

Mission Dashboard

This is the coordination and resource management hub where users can view a quick summary of project statuses in either a list or calendar format. This is where new missions are generated and equipment and personnel are assigned taking into consideration availability and any site, client, or certification requirements.

Mission Details

Mission Detail pages provides users with all they need to know regarding a project ranging from maps, client information, requirements, assigned resources and equipment, outstanding tasks, and mission logs.

Mission Equipment

Ensuring that your equipment is operational and can meet any deliverable requirements is key to a successful mission. This is where these elements are tracked against any inventory or maintenance requirements to ensure equipment is safe and operationally ready.

Mission Personnel

Here users can coordinate personnel for missions by checking their schedules to verify availability for the specified dates of the mission. It also incorporates checks that they have current and proper certifications to embark on the mission and that pilot currency is up to date for the equipment specified.

Mission Tasks

There are always any number of tasks that need to be completed before, during, and after a UAV mission for the mission to be successful. This page allows mission planners to record tasks, assign them to mission personnel or other personnel in the company, and automatically send email and push notifications to the assignees notifying them of the assigned tasks.

Mission Logs

The system also tracks individual flights within a UAV mission. Here the individual flights are recorded, including details regarding flight duration, equipment used, and personnel involved with their roles for the flight. This information links directly to equipment maintenance and pilot currency to ensure continued safe operations.

View Inventory

With a robust inventory management system, users can be ensured that their equipment is effectively and properly maintained and ready for use. The tracking system, which is linked to missions, shows users whether equipment is operational and in need of either scheduled or unscheduled maintainance. A locations element allows maintenance personnel to know where and how many pieces of equipment and their related parts are in stock to ensure an effective preventative maintainance program.