The Des Nedhe Group and Canadian UAVs Sign Landmark Aerospace Joint Venture Agreement

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia October 3rd, 2023 – The Des Nedhe Group and Canadian UAVs are pleased to announce a formal partnership designed to provide industrial scale UAV (drone)services for the energy sector.

Des Nedhe is a leading Indigenous owned Economic Development Corporation with decades of experience in mining, oil and gas, and nuclear energy development.

Canadian UAVs is an aviation company, based in Calgary, Alberta, who solely specializes in the integration of unmanned aircraft into both commercial and military missions. This sole focus keeps them uniquely positioned to understand the best of market for technology, operations, airworthiness and delivery.

Des Nedhe is extremely excited to partner with Canadian UAVs in applying their cutting edge beyond-line-of-site UAV technology to the Canadian energy sector.”  Sean Willy – CEO, Des Nedhe Group

This joint venture is a demonstration of advancing partnerships between communities with long term engagement and world leading technology.

Sean Willy and I have been talking about what the future of aerospace, heavy industrial stewardship and defence should look like for the better part of a decade. Canada and our clients are best served when local knowledge and practices are supported by unique business strategies and multi-decade investment in technology.” – Sean Greenwood President/CEO of Canadian UAVs.

About The Des Nedhe Group

Established in 1991 by English River First Nation (ERFN), the Des Nedhe Development Corporation was designed to grow sustainable employment and business opportunities for ERFN community members.

Now, driven by our purpose, rooted in our character, and led by a team of experts, Des Nedhe Group has grown into a national leader in Indigenous entrepreneurship and economic development – a diverse collective of Indigenous-owned businesses dedicated to creating lasting change in Indigenous communities and corporate supply chains across Canada.

About Canadian UAVs

Canadian UAVs is a leading provider of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) services including training, managed services, and consultancy; and a UAS distributor in Canada. The company’s base philosophy is to ensure that projects are conducted with the highest possible aviation standards.

Canadian UAVs has a dual market focus, working with both commercial consumers of geospatial data, as well as military users of UAS. Our mission of providing the ecosystem for the integration of UAVs into complex airspace means bringing our technology, safety-first aviation standards, and training expertise to both markets thus enabling a cross-pollination of best practices and experiences for our customers.

For further information or inquiries, please contact:


W. Sean Willy
President & CEO
Des Nedhe Group
1 (306) 652-4989

Sean Greenwood
Canadian UAVs