Commercial Services

Our commercial services include PIPELINE MONITORING, WIDE AREA MAPPING, ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING, CONFINED SPACE INSPECTIONS, and EMERGENCY RESPONSE. Our BVLOS certification means that we can fly higher and further than any other drone operator and at any time of day. 

Pipeline assets can be monitored and assessed over near-real time to ensure pipeline integrity, regulatory, and safety requirements are maintained. Our services include mapping, surveillance, and fugitive emissions monitoring.

Canadian UAVs capabilities in aerial mapping with our Sparrowhawk Radar allows for 12 km radius BVLOS flights that can cover 450 square kilometers from a single launch location. This information can be used to verify projected versus actual volumetrics, construction progression analysis, right-of-way inspections and landscape modelling

Our UAVs can track wildlife movement, changes in soil composition and density, ensure that environmental regulations are being followed and track leaks more easily and at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft.

Our intrinsically safe specialized internal inspection UAV eliminates the risk to human health associated with conducting inspections of confined spaces.

Utilizing Infrared cameras our UAVs can conduct 24 hour surveillance and monitoring to support emergency response activities. Paired with our BVLOS capabilities we can be deployed in remote or sensitive environments without adding additional risk to impacted areas.